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New look + New Prices

The furniture store is looking better than ever! We get new items every day and are reorganizing the floor so that customers can more easily find their twice loved treasures.

There are great sales every month. For October all small furniture, like end tables and small shelving units are priced at $8.00. Where else can you get furniture for $8.00?

And of course we always offer a bag of books for $5.00. We have hundreds of books, fiction, non-fiction, cook books, children's stories and chapter books. We even give you the bag!! Come see our extensive collection. If you don't need a bag the highest price you pay for any book is $1.00. Even our CDs, DVDs and records are only $1.00. It gets even better if you have a VHS player. Vintage Disney VHS tapes are priced at 50 cents each.

We are working hard to recruit more volunteers so that we can keep the store open for longer hours. Shifts are just 3 hours per week. Volunteer and get first pick of our uniquely beautiful items.

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